We Buy Houses in Austin TX

Do you need to sell your house as fast as possible?
We Buy houses in Austin and surrounding areas. We cover all closing costs and do not charge any fees or commissions. If we come to an agreement, you can be assured that you will have cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

Darrel and his team, buy properties in any condition and in any location in Austin and surrounding areas. Whether the house needs to be sold because of: family issue, inheritance, the property is in need of some work, if you are just ready to sell, or any reason whatsoever, call or email us.

Selling a house can be a difficult process

Typically, a families biggest asset, is their house. Before making a final decision, you SHOULD weigh out all options.

We provide win-win solutions and have been able to help many homeowners in the Austin area. Many of which, have tried different methods which brought them to us.

Perhaps you have tried:

  • Selling the property, but are continually running into roadblocks.
  • Calling a real estate agent, but are told of the inspections, appraisals and work that will need to be done to the house before it could be put onto the market.
  • Doing the repairs yourself, or have had an appraisal to see how much the repairs will cost.

We buy all houses – no matter the condition or place – FAST!

Sometimes, trying to sell a house through a real estate agent is not your best option. If the house is in need of some work, an agent will need it done, before they list it. Singing a contract with an agent can bind you for a certain period of time, causing you to wait even longer for the actual sale. Often times, if an agent does find a buyer, they pull out at the last minute after piles of paperwork, because they could not get financing. Last but not least, a typical fee for real estate agents in Texas, is 6%. Often times, people do not want to pay 6% of the final sale to an agent, so they try selling the house themselves.

All together, if you are looking to sell your house as fast as possible, look no further.

Darrel’s team works differently

  • We do not require any commissions
  • We do not have any hidden fess
  • We buy houses as-is
  • You only need to have one showing, and that is to us
  • We buy houses FAST

Sometimes, taking the traditional route of trying to sell a house though a realtor is just not the answer.
Some may not want to pay all fees and commissions a real estate agent charges, not to mention how much time it will take.

When dealing with us, you simply fill out the online form or call, and we will schedule an appointment to see the property. After taking a look at it, we will have an all cash offer within 24 hours.

It really is as simple as that, no need to worry about cleaning up the property, having multiple showings, waiting 90+ days for the actual sale to go through, or any hidden fees or commissions.

We Buy ALL Houses Austin

Austin, Texas

Phone: 214-306-8626