Moving and need to sell your house?

Starting a New Job, or Just Need to Relocate Fast?
Last updated September 26, 2016

Moving can often be a last minute ordeal. It could be for a new position in a job, family issues, or if you’ve had a divorce. This has its complications, but getting rid of your house is one of the most difficult problems you’ll have to take care of. If you go with a realtor, the odds are that they won’t be able to get rid of your house quickly enough to take care of your relocation problems. Leaving you with two mortgage payments. In situations like these especially, there’s a much better way to get it done.

We provide an answer to the issue of relocation; we buy houses for cash.

Being cash investors, we’re able to work quickly and help you get rid of any anxiety you might have over the moving process, by purchasing your house with cash. We are experts in the home buying market, so when it comes to buying a house quickly we know exactly how to get it done. In the event that moving is your problem and you don’t intend on getting stuck with two mortgage payments, you should contact us and see what we can do for you. We will work diligently to help you anyway we can.

If I can’t sell my home, how come you would buy it?

Buying houses is our business. Whether the house is falling apart, in need of repairs, or even a tear down property, it doesn’t matter. We’re looking for those houses too. We’ll buy a house, take care of any renovations, and list it back on the market to make a profit. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about contacting us, no matter the situation you’re in. Especially with relocation, we can buy your home quickly and you can move on. Most of the time, you can’t move quickly enough because you’re waiting on your house to sell, and that will take longer than you’d like. Simply for the reason that your realtor put the house on the market with no renovations. So what do you do? Wait for the renovations, or wait for somebody to hopefully come along wanting to buy a fixer upper? Either way, if you’re not in the waiting game, we’d be a perfect solution. We’ll fix it up, and sell it, but you won’t have to wait till it’s sold to get paid. You’ll be paid in cash, before that process ever even starts, taking care of your old problems. Without the stress of repairs, payments, realtors, the fees, and even more. That’s why we’re the most ideal solution for your situation.

Are there differences between cash buyers and conventional house buyers?
We invest in houses by purchasing them with cash, and flipping them. On your behalf, it won’t really change from a traditional house buyer because you take the house you don’t want anymore, get paid, and no longer have to deal with it. Now, the speed of which that happens does change, the waiting time is cut to a fraction of the how long it normally takes. There’s no financing, which means no wait for it to be approved by the bank. That can often take weeks, and in some cases months. Since we buy with cash, the deal is closed much faster. So if you’re worn out with the conventional process, and hearing that your house hasn’t been sold yet, contact us and let’s see what we can work out.

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