Selling a Rental Property with Tenants In It

Foreclosed-HouseSelling a rental property can be quite a hassle. Whether you are dealing with tenants that are not paying, or you are just ready to move on in life, Darrel and his team of real estate investors can help.

We buy houses fast for cash, no matter the condition.

We can buy your house in as little as 7 days and can help you in taking care of your rental property.

Whether the tenants are still living in or on the property, even if their not, we can take care of it!

All that you need to do, is fill out our short form below and we will have one of our people get in contact with you. Often times, we can have a full-cash offer available to you within 24 hours.

Phone CallIf you would like to be ready for the phone call, here are the 2 top questions we ask about every rental property:

What condition is the property in?

If you happened to pick up the wrong tenants and are now left in dismay of how they left the property, don’t worry! We’ve got it covered.
We would just like to know what condition the house is in and assess the amount of work that will need to be done. Even if the tenants are still living on the property, but not paying the agreed upon price, we can help.

What Is The Mortgage On The Property?

Getting a mortgage paid off is the biggest reason people choose to turn their estate into a rental. Often times, this can backfire and leave you with very few options.

Either try to sell it to a real estate agent, and wait months for the sale of the property (depending upon what condition it is in) or sell it to a real estate investor.

Often times, people choose number two, simply because they do not wish to wait weeks on end…or often times, even months, for the sale of their property.
On top of that, agents do not cover any closing costs and have an average fee of about 3-6% of the total sale. Which is obviously a pain for many homeowners.

So if we were to take that into a real life example, this is what it would look like.

Jennifer is tired of dealing with her rental property and is looking for a way to sell.
She looks into going the conventional way and has tried calling an agent over and over, without a response.
After weeks, the agent finally picks up to return her call, all to find out that they do not deal with properties that need work.
Discouraged, Jennifer hangs up and starts looking for other options.

Jennifer googles “how to sell a house fast” and finds
She is interested and tired of dealing with the house, so she sends in a form.
Within 24 hours, a member from Darrel’s team calls back and gets details on the property and schedules an appointment (However this is not always the case) After their appointment and full inspection of the property, we offer her an all cash offer and state that we will also cover all closing costs and fees and on top of all of that, DO NOT REQUIRE ANY FEES WHATSOEVER.

I’m sure you can also find yourself in Jennifer’s shoes whilst trying to sell your property, so give us a call or send in a form.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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